Alex 6 Yellow
2021, Aqua Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36 in.
In my Junior year of high school the guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to do: Was I thinking a trade school? military service? getting a job? college?

I want to go to art school
, I blurted out. He looked at my classes and discovered I had not taken ANY art courses. You havenít taken art at all. Thatís right. He arranged a meeting with the heads of the art department. You have not taken any art classes before, how do you expect to enter an art school?ď ... I donít know, can you help me?

They did. I ended up taking FIVE art courses, aced them all with Aís, and developed a great portfolio.

Along the way I won a Boston Globe Scholastic Art Gold Key for a pastel drawing.

I attended MassArt and BU. Graduated. At MassArt I was painting large graphics on canvas and the Dean of Students approached me to paint murals in stairwells. Bingo. An architect saw the murals, asked me to paint his design at NYPRO in Clinton, MA and that launched a three-year career painting murals in greater Boston and beyond.

At the end of a three year period a friend asked me if I wanted a REAL job, as a paste-up artist. My ad career was launched leading to 30 - plus years of art and creative direction for print ads, catalogs, brochures and collateral. Loved it.

And now the rest of the story. What to do after my ad career? Iím a drummer, I joined a band. Did freelance design work. Sold Mercedes and Acuras, (interesting).

My significant other encouraged me to paint again.

And here I am.