2020, a year Iíll remember, and especially one to forget Ö ?

January started out anticipating my move to a new, larger studio. The lease for 6 Vernon Street signed on February 1st and wham, my world shifted Ö missing family, friends, art.

July arrived and it felt good getting back to the studio Ö and you?

Wow, I was lost at first Ö having only moved in with nothing set-up, put away, organized, or figured out.

Disorganized panic, overwhelmed with what to do first, second, third.

Took time to get into a groove, but when it did, it was worth the wait.

Slowly my efforts paid off Ö all furnishings in place, supplies stored, my art inventory organized.

Seventy five paintings are on the walls with another seventy five or so neatly placed up against the walls.

Back to my future, Iíve started four paintings Ö three are 3 x 3 foot canvas plus a 12 inch square on Gessobord (yes, spelling OK).

Some day, when the world has regained normalcy, Open Studios will return and Iíll be able to open the door.

Until then, be safe, be well, be happy youíre alive.